Kusztora Levente

Interpret, Inginer (wildlife management)

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Veress Anna Mária

Office Manager

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Documents required for invitation (RO)

In order to organize the hunting experience you requested, in the best possible conditions, please send your reservation requests at least 30 days in advance! Required data:

  • The period you intend to come to Romania (first day and duration)
  • The full names of the participants
  • The number of hunting days, and the type of the hunt (individual / driven)

At the same time, please send us the following personal data for all the participants, as these data might be necessary:

  • Passport number
  • Copy of the hunting license
  • Copy of the firearm license
  • The maker and the serial number of your own firearm (if you intend to bring it with you)

Having all these information and documents, we will arrange all legal proceedings for entering Romania without or along with your own firearms and / or ammunition.

According to Romanian legislation, you may enter in Romania with at the most 2 weapons and relevant ammunition, as follows:

  • Rifled weapon (carabine) - maximum 50 cartridges for each gun
  • Shotguns (with pellets) - maximum 100 cartridges for each gun
  • The whole ammunition should be carried in special, closed boxes, separated from the weapon case!
  • Transportation of ammunition in the main luggage is not permitted!


If you wish to come to Romania with your own hunting dog, you should mandatorily have with you the international health certificate, the anti-rabies vaccination performed at least 1 month prior to your arrival to Romania.
A special dog kennel is required for the air transportation.


0040 745034382

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"Timp de 15 ani am vânat, cutreierat şi organizat. Această experienţă îmi conferă cunoştiinţele, să pot oferi o vânătoare de calitate."

— Kusztora Levente