AccomodationPrice (EUR)
Guesthouse 40 /day/person
Hotel 60 /day/person
Breakfast 6
Supper or Dinner 12
Full board 30 /day/person
TransportationPrice (EUR)
Horse Carriage 15 /hour 65 /day
4x4 Car 0,75 /km 15 /hour 90 /day
Airport Transfer 0,85 /km
TranslatorPrice (EUR)
for 1-5 person 50 /day
Rifle and Ammunition
Shotgun 35 /day 0,30 /munition
Rifle 40 /day 2,00 /munition
Preparation 25

Hunting Area

Most of our hunting areas are located in the heart of Transylvania - in Harghita, Covasna and Brasov counties. In this region we can hunt with 100% success on Brown Bear, Wolf, Red Deer, Chamois, Wild Boar... and the rest of the native species.

Every hunter or hunting group has a professional hunter assigned from our company so we can enjoy your successful hunt together!

Excellent Guide


"I have hunted this area my entire life in addition to being a guide, assistant manager and manager at several other commercial hunting outfitters in the Transilvanian area for approximately 15 years. This experience gives me the knowledge to offer you a quality hunt."

— Kusztora Levente