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The gate of Asia, where the charm of the East mixes with the modernity of the West. Where there are huge undisturbed areas for hunters.

Here lives the Persian goat, who has been honored with respect from ancient times. The big, squaty bucks with their special pattern and long, black, sequin-like horns are the real janissary of the mountains. The Taurus Mountains year by year reward the hunters hitting his peaks with their beautiful trophies representing their world class goats.

The "Turkish Boar" has already become a concept. Here, they have the time to grow wild boars, and they can easily exceed the two-toned weight even in pointed areas. And the fangs? The average length of "bikes" is 20-24 inches, but it has been over 30 ... Because of the high density of individuals, our guests can meet several such huge animals during a hunt.

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