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The Danube reaches its final destination, the Black Sea, after an adventurous journey of 2850 km from the Black Forest. 70 km upstream of the estuary, it divides into two branches: the Chilean branch continues along a 117 km border, and the Tulcea branch after 17.5 km to the Sulina branch (63.7km) and the St. George branch ( 70 km). The downstream two-river regulation significantly shortened their original length, resulting in 58% of the arriving water reaching the sea on the Chilia branch. 82% of the 4152 km2 delta is located in Romania and 18% in Ukraine.


Its climate is predominantly continental, influenced by the mitigating effect of the sea. The average annual temperature is 11 ° C, the average annual precipitation is 400-500 mm. The average altitude of the sea is only 52 cm and the area is 20.5%. lies below. The morphology groups are divided in the following proportions: 3%, 10% lakes, 69% swamps, 8% Marshs, 7% goros, 7% plains and 3% plains.


We provide three meals a day, which are included in the price. You can taste the traditional Hungarian cooking and the local specialities. A daily coffee and bottle of mineral water are also included. You may want to bring your beer, wine or liquor because you may not find your favourite one locally.


The guesthouse is in Gorgova (a town at the mouth of the Danube, Sulina branch). Gorgova is a traditional fishing village typical of the Danube delta. Its inhabitants - the 'Lipovans' - speak Russian and make their living from fishing and tourism. They are hospitable and modest people. The two-star guesthouse accommodates 12 people in bedrooms with two or three beds. Toilets, hot water showers, an enormous lounge, a well-equipped kitchen, television and freezers provide comfort for all.


For each two people we provide a motorboat. These aluminium boats have a flat bottom and a 15-horsepower motor. Please bring a license for driving the motorboat! You can buy petrol and oil locally.