Kusztora Levente +40 745034382

  • Namibia ! Wild and hot in May and August

  • We organize high-class huntings on all species from the Romanian wilderness!

  • Hunt with us for Wild Boar!

    Until 1st February

  • We organize high-class huntings on15 Oct. - 1 Nov. in Siberian wilderness!

    Kamchatka game

  • Hunt with us for Bear!

    Hunting starts on 15th March

  • We organize fishing trips!

  • Enjoy fishing in Danube Delta!

WILD HUNTING LTD organizes high- class huntings on all species from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Every hunter or hunting group has a professional hunter assigned from our company and we enjoy your successful hunt together.

Excellent Guide


"I have hunted my entire life in addition to being a guide, assistant manager and manager at several other commercial hunting outfitters for approximately 15 years. This experience gives me the knowledge to offer you a quality hunt."

— Kusztora Levente